APA guarantees active, enterprising spirit in sponsorship.
We recruit sponsors from all different industries.

Integrated business sponsors :Companies or organizations which are in pursuit of mutual interests in the Pilates industry

Conference convention sponsors : Companies or organizations who can support and cooperate during a convention

  • 피트니스 분야

    - Exercise machine dealers
    - Health care programs
    - Conditioning and biomechanics analyze
    - Nutrition
    - Fitness media

  • 필라테스 분야

    - Education provider
    - Equipment and props manufacturers
    - Pilates exercise product manufacturers

  • 메디컬케어 분야

    - Medical health care company
    - Clinics and schools
    - Medical centers
    - Medical Analyzing systems
    - Advertising company

  • 스폰서 종류

    - Main Sponsor (Ads, Periodicals, Homepage banners)
    - Gift providers (Mutual barters)
    - Logo, ads, email
    - Advertising periodicals
    - Advertising your own products