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Thinking around the Box-Refomer

Time : pm 1 : 00 ~ 4 : 00
Location : 301
Fixed number : 40person
Saving point : 1 point  


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  The long/short box, while simple enough, is a crucial piece of equipment for increasing the versatility and accessibility of the reformer. Are we using the long and short box to their full potential?
The versatility of the box allows clients, from the beginner to the advanced, the opportunity of progressing from the very simple exercise to the very complicated routine. It is quiet often important to take the advanced client back to some of the basic exercises to re-educate muscle imbalances and bad habits that have developed through over confidence.
This workshop will explore the exercises that can be performed on top, in front and on the side of the long and short box. Learn how to provide a more diversse movement experience for your clients by revisiting this simple, indispensable piece of equipment.


Pilates for the Mature client

Time : am 8:00 ~ 11:00
Location : 307
Fixed number : 40person
Saving point : 1 point  


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  What is maturity? It is related to the chronological age or the physical condition of any age group.
Frailty does not necessarily mean mature or old. It refers to a loss of physicality and can related to any age group that has suffered a disability or chronic disorder.
We will look at problems that tend to be associated with age such as frailty, balance, osteoporosis, and joint replacement.
The aim of exercise regime is to attain good posture, mobility, strength, and balance, which in turn will promote confidence and well-being.
By careful observation and continual assessment, the teacher must decide these elements when constructing a program.
- Which exercises are suitable, contra-indicated? Which exercises need to be modified and discarded completely?
We will also cover postural analysis and creating friendly environment for those population.


Are we wasting our time with the pilates footwork

Time : pm 12:00 ~ 3:00
Location : 301
Fixed number : 40person
Saving point : 1 point  


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  What do we mean by footwork?
What is the aim of the footwork sequence?
Can we anatomically separate it from the rest of the body?
Where do we start?
We will look at :
ways to manage different types of leg shape, for example swayback, knock knees(genu vagum) or bowed legs(genu varum).
exercises that will help to strengthen individual muscle groups.
stretching exercises for tight and overworked muscles to help rebalance the movement pattern of the leg.
ways to help correct tracking.
helpful cues.


Cadillac for Every body

Time : am 8:00 ~ 11:00
Location : 303
Fixed number : 40person
Saving point : 1 point  


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  Nice easy and challenging exercises on the CADILLAC (TRAPEZE TABLE):
Roll down, legs together+Spine Stretch+Banana.
Swan preparation-Shoulder Stabilisation with push through bar.
Toe Dips-holding onto the frame.
Single Leg Stretch-holding on to the frame, straight arms, bend for more flexion.
Sliding up the frame ( preparation for Jackknife and Rollover.
Rollover with bent and straight legs.
Side Lying Leg Lifts, on the diagonal single and straight legs.
Hip Roll series- holding frame and or push through bar.
Push Through -lying semi-supine on the bed and on the roll using the adductors
and taking it into a Chest Lift, Teaser, Scissors, Leg rotation(ball between lower leg.
Push Through bar for Spine Twist and Saw.
Sitting crossed ankles around one pole-contraction release+ thoracic extension.
Side Flexion-thoracic and lumbar spine.
Shoulder stabilisation - straight and with rotation using the push through bar.
Standing shoulder stabilisation + wobble board.
Side kick series.
Leg work with the long springs


Having fun with the 34 classical pilates mat work exercises

Time : pm 3:50 ~ 5:50
Location : 301
Fixed number : 40person
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  Short preparation with pre-pilates exercises
Bridge into chest lift
Roll-up into single leg hamstring stretch into lateral flexion
Roll-up into spine twist

Single leg circle starting in semi-supine
Single leg stretch starting in supine
Double leg stretch on different counts

Rolling like a ball into open leg rocker
Modified swimming
Pre-swan dive
Single leg kick

Scissors and circle
Side kicks (developpe series)
Partner work
The 100’s
Roll over into jack-knife
Single leg stretch
Spine stretch into spine twist with single arm into saw
Single leg stretch
Teaser into open leg rocker
And any other ideas you might have!!!!!!!!!

Some schools of thought feel that the mat work routine should be performed in the same sequence that Joseph Pilates laid down in his book 'Return to Life through Contrology".
Like many things in life, if they are continuously repeated in the same way over and over again they begin to loose their appeal and focus.
Over the years I have discovered that many of the exercises are unsuitable for the level and the physique of many of my clients and students. For these exercises, I modified or abandoned until the client or student is ready to perform them safely.
For proficient and long term client and students, changing the routine, making up sequences and working with a partner has added a new dimension to the work and an element of fun. It is important to make sure that when changing exercises that the original is not lost and the pilates principles are used.