From signning up to the cart!

You need to sign up before registration.
You may follow process to register as below.
You may pay for your lectures on the spot in Korea.

Early bird registration


Instructions before registration

First of all, you need to click teacher's photo to read class information and profile of instructors on main page.

1st Step Sign Up

You need to complete to fill up the application form above the main page.
Some of classes limit participant by qualification.
For example, In Reformer class with jumping board requires students certified reformer course at least.

2nd Step Looking for Lectures

You should check the schedule, teaching method of each teacher and portion of practise and theory before registration.

3rd Step Selecting Lectures

You need to consider if the classes you choose are necessary for you and the class schedule.

4th Step Add to cart

You may put classes of your choice into the shopping cart.
If you want to cancel the class you already put into the cart just press cancel mark the end of right side.
Cancelation instruction would be applied when you demand to cancel class after payment completed.

5th Step Payment

After 4 steps, you will pay for your classes on the spot in Korea.
Tuition fee would be priced as different term of discount rate

Benefits for Asia Pilates Aliance(APA) members

If you are a member of Asia Pilates Aliance(APA), you can get more discount of your lecture fee. There are 2 types of APA member, individual and group director, CEO. We offer 50% discount on PIA lecture fee to CEO members who run pilates centers of have business related to pilates. For individual members we offer 30% discount and if more than 4 individual members apply for APA as a group, we give 50% discount same as CEO member's benefits. You can look into APA intruduction and proposal by clicking download button below. If you wish to become a APA memeber, download the application form, fill it out and send it to us via email ( Once we recieve your application, we will assess it and let you know the results.


Instructions to sign up for lectures

Pilates seminar compared with other seminar is to prepare all the necessary equipment for the lecture.
Globally, the reason for the high tuition fees of a Pilates class at the convention is that because the preparatory work and investment costs into the class room are high.
Therefore, The fees will be applied differently depending on the size and expense of the supplier of the amount of equipment for each course.
Please understand this.

Individual Price

Tuition fee of the courses in the Class mall is marked by each lectures.
Also, if you select the courses you will additionally display amount of the payment.
You can select the date, time and lecture you want.
However, among the three day session, on each session, you may apply for only one course.
3 days up to eight courses can apply for this payment and the total amount is displayed after the application.
Depending on the application period payment could be discounted.

Distribution of Registration term 2class 4class 6class 8class
1st Early Register Before 7/31/2016 5% 10% 15% 20%
Secondary Register Before 8/31/2016 0% 5% 10% 15%
Regular Register Before 9/15/2016 0% 3% 5% 10%
On-site registration the day from 1st October to 3rd October no Discount

* On-site registration the day of the discount will not be applied.
Please note that the final deadline 6:00 pm 30th September, and take occupancy.
* After checking the remaining occupancy, you can apply for on-site registration the day of the event.
Class except for courses that have taken qualifications can be registered on a first come.
* If you won't be checked the remaining occupancy at the day of the visit also can apply at the Registration Office right of venue.

Participants benefit / CEC / PIA Credits Point

Distribution of Registration basic commemorative 2class 4class 6class 8class
Participants benefit

Summery File
Ball point pen, Bag

None other than basic commemorative

Sports Towel
PIA Logo T-shirt

Sports Towel
Water bottle
PIA Logo T-shirt
Sports Towel
Water bottle
Pilates Mat
PIA Logo T-shirt
CEC credit 4.0 credits 8.0 credits 1.2 credits 1.6 credits
PIA credit 0.4 credits 0.8 credits 1.2 credits 1.6 credits