Please read the course regulations and apply for courses.

Course regulations

Confirmation Quarification

The course eligible to apply for PIA is limited.
You may get to know your Eligibility for each course.
If it rejected by the eligibility verification after application after payment, we'll refund.
If you run certain eligibility for class, you will receive a phone call from headquarters within three days, depending on the verification process.

Course selection

After select lectures you'll get to the payment process way to contain shopping cart.
Dual application is not possible for same time.

Registered Range limitation

Applications are available at least two.
Available only in even-numbered.

Registration change

It can be canceled by deleting the course when you want to change and then put in the cart also can add another course again.


After the final confirmation, please register your selected courses.
After the final confirmation stage beyond the apply to the payment, the registration is completed.

Notification another person payment

If you have a representative, please call us at the office +82-02-574-9670 and inform us Depositor name.

Payment deadline

All lectures will be processed canceled if payment is delayed more then 3 days.
If you are forced by circumstances

Registration Resolution

You may check process of registration on my page after log in our official web page.


We will contact individual registrator after complete payment by mailing and mobile text service.

Change schedule after Registration

Changing of class schedule or cancelation of registration are unable to changed on the web page after confirm your registration.

Please contact us at +82-2-3463-9670/
( It is required when you write a e-mail as a name, phone number, class title )

Change fees

Registration cancelled accepted whatever the umber of classes will be refunded 10USD of the registrations fees.
We will refund excluded cancelation fee if you already complete payment for class fee.

Refund Policy

Before 30th September, You could refund the class fee excluded 10 percentage of cancelation fee.
We are not accepted refound from 1st October.
Registrations is not being accepted refund the registrations fees from 1st October
please note refund policy carefully.